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He is now~ A quiet little one watching from the shadows, wanting to reach out to his mother, but holding back to keep her safe. And because he can’t make the distance, no matter how hard he tries =D=/

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It’s alright. She’s safe this way. Don’t… let it get to you. They’re safe and well and happy.



❄”Sendou-kun do not doubt yourself, you are one of the most worthiest people to play the Aqua force if it wasn’t for you we would have been corrupted and destroyed ourselves  along with the rest of cray years ago. But you were able to save us, that makes you more then a worthy combatant and a even more worthy friend. ” He said stopping as the two met one of the many crossways. as he looked up noticing the sky darkening. 

"Th- That’s very kind of you, Leon-kun. I don’t really deserve so much praise. Even if you and Aqua Force were facing a great trial; you overcame it too. It wasn’t all outside help. U- Un, thank you; I’m really glad to have you as a rival and friend".

Following the blond’s lead, Aichi brought himself to a halt at the crossroad, following the other’s line of sight upwards and towards the sky. “Seems to be getting late. You’ll be heading back to where you’re staying, right?”


image Please don’t look at me with those eyes… not with those eyes that, so long ago, I came to—-

Aichi’s secure hold, however subtle, was anchoring him in place, forcing Gaillard to look back into those large azure optics and filling him with the utmost guilt. Was it his old knight’s disposition that was keeping him from denying those pleas? Why didn’t he just simple disperse his flames and be done with it? Why—

"…Please don’t leave so suddenly like this. I thought… w- we were going to work together with everyone…”


Gaillard bellowed, baring his fangs for a moment before calming once more, bowing his head as he ripped away from those small fingers.

image ”I will return to as I was and how I shall always be! To my place of birth and death! To nothingness! I have exhausted my usefulness, Aichi-sama; What better outcome for me is this before I become nothing but detrimental towards your fate?! Wash your hands of me and let it rest!”

It was anything— all Aichi could do to keep him from simply walking away. Without answers, reasons, nothing. And the pain it etched into him shone through his hues, glistening with sorrows so far unspoken to the knight who had sworn his dedication to Aichi’s safety.

Why turn away? Why leave? Don’t leave…

Aichi almost jumped out of his skin at such a stern and biting bellow. Gaillard hadn’t raised his voice to him at all prior, it was… quite terrifying to hear…

So much so that Aichi had to root himself to the spot just to hold himself back from jumping away. Though the anguish in his glittering hues mounted at the sleeve being torn from his fingers, outstretched helplessly to recapture what had been lost.

Nothingness? That sounded like—

"No! Th- That’s not true! You’ve still got plenty that you want to do, don’t you?! I won’t, I… I don’t want you to leave! I thought… w- we were going to work together, become allies. Friends. That’s… not wrong, is it? Would it hurt… for us to be close like that? Or would I be endangering you?”



❄”Thank you Sendou-kun your kindness is noted and I will be sure to tell them you send your regards whenever I call them tonight. And for getting strongest yes Ren is one of the reasons but we should always better ourselves, if we didn’t then we’d get to comfortable and eventually overpowered by change. The Aqua force may had been defeated once but we will surely not fail again, I along with my clan will defeat Ren as well as yourself..”

"So long as things improve for them, and for you, it’s good to hear. Ah?Then best of luck when you two spar again, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful fight. You and Ren-san would surely make it something amazing, just like at the VF Tournament. Un; that’s true. Being complacent is dangerous when your rivals are always reaching a new level. But I’m confident in your abilities, Leon-kun. M- Me too, huh? Well then, I look forward to when we fight too. I’ll make sure to be a worthy opponent for Aqua Force”.


milk spoils when you put it in the fridge


"—Please," Gaillard interjected calmly, raising his voice above Aichi’s, "do not blame yourself either. Like I said, you had been keen enough to see through my act. I am nothing but the villainous sort..”

It was… strange. Though he could work through the motions of a faux smile, Gaillard’s chest was still unconvinced, persistently swelling and contracting in the most agonising fashion. But why? He shouldn’t have been feeling something this real

image ”This is… goodbye, Aichi-sama.”

He shouldn’t have been feeling something so human as regret and heartache.

"Wait—" It was instinct that threw Aichi forward, reaching out so his fingers hooked themselves on the knight’s sleeve in whatever bid to keep him rooted there was to try.

"You’re not a villain, that’s right. But this… Y- You don’t have to go like this, do you? Where would you go to?” This pain… it wasn’t… anything like Aichi would have expected when the two were to part ways, but it ached so intensely. With roots unknown.

What was it about this person that provoked him to reach out and take hold, to pull him back from disappearing into thin air, when he’d been working to bring about that very same result to the others?

"Why does it have to be goodbye? Is something going to happen?

…Please don’t leave so suddenly like this. I thought… w- we were going to work together with everyone…”


He had uttered no falsifications before; He truly only wished to watch over Aichi… But given that he did not belong in this realm, he was to let go of such preconceived notions. Sendou Aichi… was well needed and well loved here on Earth. 

image ”I had lied to you… Forgive me.

—And Gaillard, a simple figment, had no right to try and steal that happiness away; It would go against all of his morals—his very reason for having being brought into existence—in the first place.

"I’m simply grateful… that I got to see you again."

He had to rise above the mirage of feelings stirring in his non-existent heart. This was for the best.

"H- Hold on—!"

It was such a dramatic turn from the way he had always been; adamant that his presence was for Aichi’s best. And now he was intending on leaving? What… drove this on? And, for whatever reason, Aichi’s chest ached suddenly at the prospect of letting go of the one knight who didn’t send a wave of dread coursing throughout his entire being.

Perhaps it was selfish to try and cling onto him in this way. There was Kai and the others, of course, who were fighting for his sake, and their efforts could never go unnoticed. But in his own, quiet way, Gaillard had—

"What do you mean? You’re leaving? Was it because of the things I said? I didn’t mean—…"



Not even he, a mere fabrication, could bare that sincerity…

image   I am so foolishly selfish. Forgive me…

"—Don’t preoccupy yourself with the likes of me, Aichi-sama. You said it yourself… I am dangerous and cannot be trusted.

Perhaps it was time to finally let go of that hope… after all, he was destined to fade away sooner or later.

"Eh? But that’s not—

—I thought we agreed you weren’t like the others and outside dragging me into the bathroom before I could wake up Kai-kun, you weren’t a threat. You’re not dangerous. I’m pretty sure we can trust you, right? That’s what you were trying to make clear all along, wasn’t it?”

How bizarre; for the other to suddenly be pulling a sharp u-turn on his previous arguments in trying to bring Aichi around to his way of thinking. Was there some motive behind it? Some ulterior reason he was hiding? There wasn’t anything sinister about it - not that Aichi could sense, at least. But still… it was…




Furiously, he wipes the tears that threatened to fall, regaining composure as he fits the usual curve onto his thin lips. That’s right… even if things continued as they were now… So long as his liege was content, then..

image ”Aichi-sama… you are… concerned for me…?”

Blinking a number of times in quick succession, he tilts his head, watching with curiosity plain across his face. Truly an odd one, but at least he’s pleasant to be around. There’s no malice whatsoever, but instead, a genuinely nice atmosphere to him.

"I could be. I’m kidding; of course I am, really. Are you alright?"


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*flops on the Blaster-kun*

Hello—! *falls over*

What’s up? You waiting for the defence or something? Or is this something else that’s brought you out of retirement?



image ”….I’m fine, Aichi-sama…. I… *sniffling noises*………”

"You… sure? We wouldn’t want you getting bent out of shape by throwing yourself around like that".