This I am thankful for.

Crychis are still happening though.

Of course the Internet starts to work properly just so I can see this. Of course.

Congratulations~ And it spares you the copy on Skype.



Tasuku silently listened. He could hear Aichi’s determination loud and clear. He couldn’t help but smile.

"And I’ll help you in every way I can. I can’t let you do this alone, right?" 

    “I guess that’s fair. Neither of us will push ourselves”.

Even if keeping Tasuku out of potential harm’s way was the most idealistic approach, he couldn’t deny the boy his request if it was something he honestly wished to help with. And if it would spare him watching more hardship.

"We’ll stick together then, huh? A team.
            Sounds good, right?”

Looks at Word. Crychi then Cry-kun. Doing them back-to-back is probably a hugh misfire and Crychi’s going to be a bigger thingy than normal by itself, so that alone is going to take time. But it’ll help to try and prepare for tomorrow morning.


There’s an urge to Legion-kun and let VoidAichi off his leash. But wanting to stay close to his canon personality, which is difficult because there’s so little. It feels as though by the time there’s enough of it to work with, he’ll [and maybe even Legion Mate will] be a thing of the past. And even sooner if Sera’s supposedly going to rip that seed out of him prematurely.




Tasuku closed his eyes. Aichi’s warmth was something he had secretly longed for all those years. His grip tightened a little. He wished that this warmth wouldn’t leave, but he knew it himself that it was going to disappear sooner or later…

"I… hope so…"

Feeling that slowly constricting hold, Aichi responded with a gentle squeezing of his own, the arm hooked around Tasuku’s small form securing its hold with a firm grip on the boy’s opposite shoulder.

     ”I’ll deliver, so that hope doesn’t go to waste. For your sake, nothing will be too great to deal with. I’ve deal with a lot in the past, so a little more, for you and Kai-kun and everyone… I’d take on the entire world if I had to, so that you could you smile”.

how would you travel a distance in five minutes that usually takes 1n hour and a half or so



I like to blame Takuto for all the side-effects this has and all the powers I gain, but the rules say it’s always Kourin-san’s fault.


Then again, they say you have to die quite frequently, so I’d advise you take off now.

Kourin’s fault huh
wait. At least once per month.

Hence why I suggested running. “At least once per month” doesn’t impose a limit. You could be killed as many times as someone wanted, so long as you die at least once before each month is through.

Sounds rough.



"Yeah… it has."

Tasuku didn’t fight against Aichi’s actions. Instead, he hugged Aichi’s other hand close. He let himself relax and leaned against Aichi for support. 

"You’re right… thanks…"

"I’m sure Kai-kun would look forward to it. I’ll talk to him about it as soon as I get home".

Gentle strokes through that light hair, soothing movements, that brought Aichi as much comfort as he’d hoped they did Tasuku. And the weight of the boy shifting against him affirmed that belief. Aichi’s face began to glow, smiling tenderly at the fuzzy feeling growing inside. And the warmth flowing throughout his body at feeling the youngster’s relaxing.

"Everything will be normal again soon. For all of us. I’ll make sure that those days where we could just play and study normally come back as soon as possible. Then, you won’t need to worry about things. You can be a kid again.
         You don’t need to push yourself”.



"Y-yeah. You’re right… maybe… we can spend time together with Kai-san as well, sometime." 

Tasuku didn’t usually have much free time. Even if he did, when he was doing something, he was always called to help Takihara and other things as well. Though now that he wasn’t really called much because of those investigators, maybe sometimes being restricted was a good thing. Wait… maybe he was restricted because they felt like he needed a rest? It was a possibility.  

"Of course, I’m sure Kai-kun would enjoy that a lot. It’s been a while since you two spent much time together. We could go, the three of us, forget about everything and have a day to ourselves".

An impulsive movement jerked Aichi’s hands upwards, removing themselves from Tasuku’s knuckles and snaking around his back, pulling the youngster against him. Not a word. Aichi rested his chin on the small shoulder in front of him, one hand climbing up and resting against the back of the boy’s skull.

           ”No matter what, we’re here, alright? You’re not alone. Whatever happens, we’re on your side”.

"Sounds like Emi and Okaa-san are doing well. I’m glad".


OMFG. Emi. So sad.

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Suddenly recalling Yuuji’s role in Shana III is virtually identical to Aichi’s in Legion Mate.

The temptation to nab the audio of Tsukkun from that scene with the Kanoe sisters in Amnesia 10 is great, if for no reason than to show Toshi and see her reaction.


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