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Gailard: These are for you, my lord. *Gives you a dozen Roses*




I should put the episode title but I don’t feel like looking for it right now


They skip on an Aichi vs. LJKai-kun cover in Link Joker.

First Legion Mate starts with a super-sad cover of Kai-kun, Blaster Blade Seeker in hand and some ghostly form of Aichi floating in the background, back turned.


The ears are moving at the same time and I am so amused

It wasn't long before his idol woke up after the aid he had received earlier. Aichi was glad that his condition became a bit more stable after what happened due to the General's intense punishment. "Blaster-kun, I'm glad you're awake."




Passing out wasn’t something he could recall; the last thing he remembered was being forced to endure the fight with the General and the flood of images that overwhelmed him. When did it come to an end? How? Groggily, Aichi pulled himself up from the bed, putting a hand over his eyes and groaning. It was all a jumble, nothing was fitting together. Dark hues rotated around towards the hosting counterpart upon hearing another voice.

"Wh—… What happened…?"

Resuming the sip with the beverage, Aichi could hear the tone that was soft, but nonetheless calm. It was a good sign that he was close to having a stable condition, though not quite yet. 

"I’ll survive the storm, and I hope you’ll do to."

Taking another bite of the sandwich, there was an awkward silence that came afterwards, with neither of them having further words to speak. But still, it was a peaceful change compared to the day before, and he hoped that will stay that way once the crisis was averted.

Aichi pursed his lips, hesitant about how to continue after the comment. He wanted to reassure the other; he’d already done so much for Aichi. Taking him in, keeping him safe, he’d even eased the burden of this incredible weight draped over him, lessening it, even if marginally.

Rotating the mug in his hands around, the handle rounded from the fingertips of one hand to the other, and then back again. “They’ll—… It’ll get better. Back… t- to normal…

…Right for you all a- again…”

Shaken, but his resolve was still there, even if shrunken by the events that had ground him down. Even if he was scared, he wanted the storm to pass, whether he’d recover or not, for the sake of the others. So they could move forward.

Then a pang struck within his chest at the idea of them able to make progress, while he watched, anchored by his stricken state. Chained by the General’s Link Joker.


He knew it wasn’t a good idea to bring up this option, but the redhead also knew that they did have to consider the possibility. But first, he had to stop Aichi from going into a panic.

"Calm down, Aichi-kun. We don’t know if it was Void or not, although I think it’s a bit unlikely since you’re right when you say that imeeji-kun was supposed to be free of it," he reasoned. Hopefully that would make the bluenet settle down some. Continuing on, Ren expanded on the possibility that he had brought up.

"It’s possible that he was threatened by a unit on Cray, such as a Link Joker unit, since his location is in Star Gate. But that itself is also strange. Why would a unit interact with an image? While I hope that this is not what actually happened, it could be that Void is communicating with the image through a unit and forcing him to stay in that space."

The idea of Kai caught up in a scheme had Aichi incredibly alarmed; for all Ren’s asking for him to calm down, inwardly, Aichi couldn’t comply. There was a small comfort that Ren all but discredited his theory quickly with the very words Kai had left them before disappearing. But he was still worried; free of it, he might have been, but it was the combination of Void and Ren’s powers that brought him about initially.

Though it wasn’t enough to calm his inflated concerns; his heart still thumped frantically. And it worsened at Ren’s suspicions about what might have happened.

Had Kai been threatened? What had happened to him after disappearing? Wasn’t he supposed to have gone somewhere that would let him rest, give him peace? How would Link Joker, or anything else, have found him?

"You mean… it’s holding him prisoner? It makes sense… that he’d want us to stay away. We both got Reversed, he wouldn’t want us to suffer that again. But… we can’t leave him like that! It’s not right… he wouldn’t… leave us in that state”.

dressed to impress
It’s more kaiai wedding-y than the last episode of season 1. Hehehe

Aaaaaaaaa. Hope that they do something really nice between them in Legion Mate’s finale, especially after how rough the season’s been and their being separated so much more than ever.

Link Joker-hen DVD looks even more like a KaiAi wedding.

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who would u rather spend the night in bed with. Gailard, kourin or that really short boy with the glasses.

You mean like a sleepover? W- Well I couldn’t with Kourin-san because people might start thinking things. Misaki-san said rumours were going around about why I was starting up the Cardfight Club after Kourin-san joined. I wouldn’t want people whispering about the two of us like that again.

And though Shingo-kun’s my friend, I guess, in a way, I’ve been doing that with Gaillard-kun and the other Quatre Knights already— Just not using a bed. I guess though, I’d go with Shingo-kun; we’ve known each other longer and he’s been a good friend to me. Not that Gaillard-kun isn’t being attentive and everything.


What if Gailard asks u for a slow dance??

I’m no good at dancing— Problem solved.